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I began working at Banana Republic in April of 2009 at the Santa Monica location. Being the regional location it was one of the largest location on the West Coast. As it was once the PC Penny department store, it was three floors, with petites on the basement level, Women's on the ground level and mens on the top level. Being a visual stylist I worked on all three levels, including the windows. We had over five windows around the entire outside of the store. I was in charge of styling icons (mannequins) as well as top shelf displays. Being such a large store I was given creative freedom at times because our Creative direction guides did not include as many style guides. Furthermore, I was in charge of the monogram section, styling the mannequins as well as assisting with merchandising the floor.  I ended my employment in April of 2010 as my freelance career as a Fashion Stylist become too demanded and I also took on a position as the Fashion Editor for LIVE Los Angeles, Orange County and Long Beach Magazines. I loved being a visual stylist however career growth and working with celebrities was on the top of my list!